Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia

Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) is a non-partisan, non-politic and independent foreign policy organization established to discuss and introduce international relation issues to many relevant actors in Indonesia such as diplomats, ambassadors, government officials, academia, researchers, businesses, media, lectures, think tanks, students and media. FPCI is also dedicated to study the most-pressing foreign policy issues in relates to ASEAN, geopolitics, middle powers, geo-economics and diaspora

FPCI was formed with the aim of developing Indonesian internationalism, making it more entrenched throughout the archipelago, and projecting itself to the rest of the world. FPCI is determined to form a large international relations community with nature and sensitive insights on bilateral, regional and global issues. FPCI aims to be a facilitator that can bring the “world” to region and simultaneously bring grassroots and regional thoughts to the national and world stage.

FPCI Chapter UI

Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia Chapter Universitas Indonesia (FPCI Chapter UI) is a student organization established in 2015 based in Universitas Indonesia. FPCI Chapter UI was the first university-level chapter of FPCI with direct subordinate relation to FPCI. FPCI Chapter UI shares the same goals as FPCI, which is to spread positive Indonesian internationalism.

In the Board of 2023, FPCI Chapter UI brings the vision of “Empower to Inspire,” which aims to bring greater impact in promoting positive Indonesian internationalism through actualizing the potential of FPCI Chapter UI members of diverse backgrounds by enhancing members foreign policy comprehension and self development in the spirit of collectiveness and sense of belonging. To achieve this goal, FPCI Chapter UI attempts to introduce international issues related to foreign policy to the public and develop its members’ skills through various events, such as Tea Time with Ambassador, Diplomatic Discussion, FPCI Chapters Summit, Foreign Policy Bootcamp, Institutional Visit, The International Conference of FPCI Chapter UI Model United Nations, and others.

Our Vision

“FPCI Chapter UI as a community that brings impact through foreign policy studies and self-development programs by strengthening a sense of togetherness within and adapting to dynamic changes.”

Our Objectives

1. Promote Indonesia’s national interest on the world stage through positive Indonesian internationalism.

2. Improving the sense of belonging of FPCI Chapter UI members by creating an adaptive and accommodative work environment.

3. Strengthening the sense of empowerment of FPCI Chapter UI members through optimizing self-development.

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